Monster Hunter Rise monsters – everything we know

Monster Hunter Rise monsters – everything we know

With Monster Hunter Rise just a few days away, it’s time to start getting prepared. There’s a huge number of deadly beasts you must hunt in order to protect Kamura Village from rampage events and to craft stronger gear from their pelts, claws, shells, and other items.

That’s where we come in. We prepared a handy list with every confirmed Monster Hunter Rise monster and will keep it updated with any brand new beasts we find on release. As of now, there are over 50 confirmed monsters, including some fan favourites such as Rathalos.

If you want to learn more about the brand new RPG before the Monster Hunter Rise release date on March 26, take a look at our Monster Hunter Rise weapons guide and Monster Hunter Rise preview to find out what we thought of the demo.

Every confirmed Monster Hunter rise monster


A platypus-like monster

The Tetranadon is a huge round monster with a face like a platypus. It swallows everything it comes in contact with, gravel and all.

Bird Wyverns

A bird wyvern that stands on one leg

A huge bird wyvern that stands on one leg. Its neck ruffles make it look like a terrifying umbrella.

A bird wyvern with a scythe-like tail

Great Izuchi
A bird wyvern with a scythe-like tail. It tends to travel in a pack with a bunch of smaller Izuchi.

A dinosaur-like monster screeching

Great Baggi
The Great Baggi can stun its prey with a tranquillizing fluid.

A monster with a poison sac around it's neck

Great Wroggi
Wroggi travel in packs with the most toxic member leading the group. Back off if its poison sac expands, as that means it’s about to release a poisonous mist.

  • Baggi
  • Gargwa
  • Izuchi
  • Jaggi
  • Jaggia
  • Kulu-Ya-ku
  • Pukei-Pukei
  • Wroggi

Brute Wyverns

Elder Dragons

Fanged Beasts

A monster holding a fruit


This curious monster enjoys playing tricks on people and tossing fruit using its bizarre tail.

A yeti-like monster

Goss Harag
A huge yeti-like creature, the Goss Harag roams snowy plains in search of prey.

A monster with big ears

The Lagombi has a thick layer of fat and a gloriously warm pelt that helps it survive in cold climates.

A gorilla-like monster screeching

This gorilla-esque monster is said to turn golden when enraged by a foe.

A monster that looks like an armadillo

The Volvidon looks like a huge armadillo with a thick shell. It has an incredibly long tongue that it uses to capture its prey.

  • Arzuros
  • Bombadgy
  • Bullfango

Fanged Wyverns

A fierce purple monster

The poster child for Monster Hunter Rise. Magnamalo is a huge purple monster with a thick hide and devastating attacks.

A monster with a huge spiked tail

During battle, Zinogre gathers Thunderbugs to boost its attack and become supercharged.


Flying Wyverns

A monster with teeth like a saber-toothed tiger

Barioth rules the frozen tundra with its incredibly sharp teeth and spiked scales.

A monster that looks like a giant rock

A flying wyvern with a rocky appearance. Basarios mimics its surrounding before taking down oblivious prey.

A flying monster screeching

Diablos is known for crushing hunters underneath its huge, powerful feet.

A monster with a long neck and sharp teeth

This truly disturbing monster has a horrific, elastic neck which it stretches while clinging to walls.

A jet-black monster snarling at the screen

An extremely fast, cunning predator, Nargacuga will run circles around you with ease.

A monster descending from the sky

Rathalos has poisonous claws and fiery breath. It’s known for descending upon hunters from the sky.

A monster getting ready to fly away

Rathian has a poison-secreting tail and is known as the Queen of the Land.

A monster with the head of a T-Rex and wings

Tigrex looks like a flying T-Rex. Hunters are warned to watch out for its thunderous roar.


  • Anteka
  • Kelbi
  • Kestodon
  • Popo
  • Rhenoplos
  • Slagtoth


A monster covered in mud

This monster mostly keeps to itself, however, it recently started attacking hunters unprovoked.

A monster with poisonous bubbles

Mizutsune is a beautiful creature, but don’t let this fool you! The peculiar bubbles it produces can be deadly.

A monster with a spongey mane

Royal Ludroth
The Royal Ludroth has a spongey mane that absorbs water. It will spew disgusting mucous onto its prey.

A creepy, mermaid-like monster

This aquatic monster releases a sleeping powder from its neck to knock its prey out.



Piscine Wyverns

Snake Wyverns


A monster covered in webs

This monster slows hunters with its webs before shooting a burning gas at them.

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